In this blog you will find no order and what appears to be unsystematic, non-academic thoughts. You’ll read thoughts on social convention, man’s “spiritual” fallacies, perhaps nutrition, visions, and criticisms on the assumptions made in mainstream science and physics. Here you’ll get aphoristic style writing, quips, passages, and maxims in no particular order, wrestling amongst themselves; for better or for worse, a unique insight on things. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

January 6

…and not because of the obvious.

A Dream of Revolution

The night of December 27 into the 28th, I had an extremely lucid dream. So lucid I was hyper aware I was dreaming and puzzled by my surroundings, asking myself “where am I and why am I here?”

I’m on a small pedestrian bridge and it’s fairly dark out. I can see massive groups of people on the ground below the bridge. There’s a subtle roar of them talking. I also see the glow of their torches and flashlights. As I continue to walk I finally come to another huge crowd standing at the end of the bridge. I suddenly hear “REMEMBER! NOT THE PEOPLE’S HOMES, NOT THE BUSINESSES. ONLY THE CONTROLLERS! ONLY THE PLOTTERS! ONLY THE ENSLAVERS! THEY WILL NO LONGER GOVERN US! LET’S TAKE THEM DOWN! THEIR TIME HAS COME!” Hordes of people begin running through the street and the smell of revolution; of awakening, is permeating.

What to do about covid

First step: Stop watching the news.

Second step: Stop signing into social media.

Third step: stop listening to politicians. They have ZERO idea what they’re saying.

Take a cue from the Amish. It works incredibly well for them.

Everything else falls under the category of helping to mitigate pervasive, common unhealthiness.

I’m not saying there is no alternative approach. I’m the last person to say that, considering my interests and studies in the nutritional and scientific spheres. Everything from simple vitamins to hormones can do wonders, and the good literature supports that. So I’m not saying they won’t work, of course they will work.

The point is THIS: coming at this situation with the notions that “covid is spreading” or “covid is more severe than we thought” is only loaded assumptions, removing the organism out of the equation; removing HEALTH and metabolism out of the formula, only to consider a “virus,” as it were, the only thing to think and worry about. And making this farce out to be worse than it is really.

“Virus” Should Have Never Been Utilized As Computer Jargon

I’m just thinking out loud here, as it dawned on me the term virus should have never been implemented as jargon in the computer industry. I think people are uneducated, indoctrinated or uninformed enough when it comes to embracing germ and virus theory; the sense that the terrain, so to speak, doesn’t matter it’s all about the “invading agent” when it comes to sickness. The use of “virus” in Shill Gates’ world the whole time perfectly aligned with the misguided population, further pushing these false, pseudo scientific perspectives. Because when it comes to a computer, there is really no immunity to speak of or a resiliency like that of a real live organism. So the mechanical idea of “presence of” then “invasion of” a computer virus damaging or exposing a computer has been reassigned to real life.

The terms or phrase such as “Malicious Code” should have been enough. And I am seeing this parallel, undoubtedly and not surprisingly as it directly involves Shill Gates, more and more in terms of how people view the body, germs, and essentially removing the terrain out of the equation. In other words, the health of the organism is not even thought about any more.

Another Strange Dream of August

I had another strange, undecipherable dream in terms of it being prognostic or just a dream. Something about Trump and a big event, oddly enough, as I am not even a proponent of politics; his name as focus again or something in August 2020. Hmm, not sure but just thought I’d share. 

Metallica Dream

In the late 80’s I was in elementary school and was just starting to get into Metallica. By 1989, they released their video for the track “One.” At the time, nothing had such an impact on me as this song, the concept, and finally the video. It was awe-inspiring and disturbing; a glimpse into the sometimes grim world.

Last night I had an odd dream consisting of this video. But, the difference was I was seeing different camera angles; different footage. It was almost as if I was there and was seeing different perspectives other than the ones ingrained in my memory from watching the official video through the years. The images were exactly like the tone of the official video: same black and white, blue steel kind of hue. Odd but very interesting.


Too Much Time?

Not that one has too much time on their hands but only little else to hold.


How does one reason with those who have arrived to their conclusions by any other means than reason?

Fear of Criticism

When one fears criticism one remains trapped in the womb of ambition; never birthing genius or mediocrity.


A lie is creative. Truth is its vanquished cousin.

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