memwar - original, orchestral music by Babak Davodian

8 tracks of original, orchestral music based upon the author’s past life struggle with illness. Juxtaposed is the psychological backdrop of war while describing similar stages battling a personal war.

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After a maelstrom, out of chaos, there comes a resolve…In this blog you will find posts and links to publications on my writings: with no pristine order and relatively unsystematic, less academic, perhaps even chaotic, here one discovers passion of thought, unbridled and strapping to share its perspectives from the apex. From this landscape, we see different views on social convention, man’s “spiritual” fallacies, and perceptive assumptions made in science and physics. What you get from me is more aphoristic style writing, quips, passages, and maxims in no particular order, wrestling amongst themselves; that ultimately, out of the chaos of established perfunctory truths, their resolve is a unique insight into things.

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is my first published book of my aphorisms:
From The Apex
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aphoristic book

Aphorism book by Babak Davodian

Another Strange Dream of August

I had another strange, undecipherable dream in terms of it being prognostic or just a dream. Something about Trump and a big event, oddly enough, as I am not even a proponent of politics; his name as focus again or something in August 2020. Hmm, not sure but just thought I’d share. 

Too Much Time?

Not that one has too much time on their hands but only little else to hold.


How does one reason with those who have arrived to their conclusions by any other means than reason?

Fear of Criticism

When one fears criticism one remains trapped in the womb of ambition; never birthing genius or mediocrity.


A lie is creative. Truth is its vanquished cousin.

We awake…

We awake suddenly from a dream as failed inventors.


Tragedy is the hero’s teat.

When to give up

You dig to find treasure but never do. Now you are just digging a hole. 

A Dream of NYC…

Throughout my life I’ve always had prognostic dreams. It is not to say the dream I am about to share with you is such a dream. Typically my prognostic dreams possess a particular perspective and movement to them. This dream as far as I remember had a peculiarity to it, but I can’t be certain that it was prognostic. Nevertheless, it was eerie and interesting.

I step out onto the Hudson somehow, onto some kind of panel. It contained an etching of a number; in a mirrored fashion. Written out correctly it was 6321. I look up, and I see the Statue of Liberty and it was overshadowed by a behemoth of a statue. The statue was bronze or golden and it was a kind of gazelle but with a gothic or satanic aesthetic. I can see the city and the skyscrapers but somehow, something felt different. So I surmise that number refers to June 3rd, 2021.

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