A Dream of NYC…

Throughout my life I’ve always had prognostic dreams. It is not to say the dream I am about to share with you is such a dream. Typically my prognostic dreams possess a particular perspective and movement to them. This dream as far as I remember had a peculiarity to it, but I can’t be certain that it was prognostic. Nevertheless, it was eerie and interesting.

I step out onto the Hudson somehow, onto some kind of panel. It contained an etching of a number; in a mirrored fashion. Written out correctly it was 6321. I look up, and I see the Statue of Liberty and it was overshadowed by a behemoth of a statue. The statue was bronze or golden and it was a kind of gazelle but with a gothic or satanic aesthetic. I can see the city and the skyscrapers but somehow, something felt different. So I surmise that number refers to June 3rd, 2021.

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