Truth & Refutation

That which is truth does not actively seek out to refute but consequently refutes by virtue of being truth.

Bad Things, Good People

“Bad things happen to good people”: the suggestion of earthly emolument in exchange for “moral goodness”.


“Blessing” is God’s condescension.


– from my book, “From the Apex”


A miracle is an oversight of God’s invariable cruelty.

 – from my book, “From the Apex”

Pedagogical Death

Internet forums: pedagogical suffocation

Loss for Words

As time moves on, I continuously find myself at a loss for words but with increasingly more to say. Is this the irony of despair? A withering mind of sorts? Thoughts that should not have been thought, trying to recede back to their cavernous birthplace but finding themselves stockpiling at the mouth of the cove. In day light for all to see, wanting to say what they know but mute.


A liar berates his trade when he is lied to.

   – From my book: “From the Apex”


Most things we find worth collecting we later do not find worth keeping, perpetually. Our desire outlasts the desired.

The Null

They implore God exists. These others insist God does not.

They all create the consummate mathematical null.

Absurdity’s Origin?

From “the origin” came all absurdity – or did the absurd create “the origin”?

– From my book: “From the Apex”

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