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Too Much Time?

Not that one has too much time on their hands but only little else to hold.


How does one reason with those who have arrived to their conclusions by any other means than reason?

Fear of Criticism

When one fears criticism one remains trapped in the womb of ambition; never birthing genius or mediocrity.


A lie is creative. Truth is its vanquished cousin.

We awake…

We awake suddenly from a dream as failed inventors.


Tragedy is the hero’s teat.

When to give up

You dig to find treasure but never do. Now you are just digging a hole. 

The Aphorism

Aphorisms are the spirit to the flesh and bone of thought.


Ships of conviction, afloat, anchored by belief. They never sail uncharted waters.

Truth & Refutation

That which is truth does not actively seek out to refute but consequently refutes by virtue of being truth.

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