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A lie is creative. Truth is its vanquished cousin.

We awake…

We awake suddenly from a dream as failed inventors.

The Aphorism

Aphorisms are the spirit to the flesh and bone of thought.


Ships of conviction, afloat, anchored by belief. They never sail uncharted waters.

Bad Things, Good People

“Bad things happen to good people”: the suggestion of earthly emolument in exchange for “moral goodness”.


A liar berates his trade when he is lied to.

   – From my book: “From the Apex”

Absurdity’s Origin?

From “the origin” came all absurdity – or did the absurd create “the origin”?

– From my book: “From the Apex”

What we prefer…

Despite what we know of ourselves or of others, we insist on
affability; we prefer lies. As such, we now understand that despite
an existence of suffering, why they still consider their god

– an aphorism from my book, “From the Apex”


After a maelstrom, out of chaos, there comes a resolve…In this blog you will find posts and links to publications on my writings: with no pristine order and relatively unsystematic, less academic, perhaps even chaotic, here one discovers passion of thought, unbridled and strapping to share its perspectives from the apex. From this landscape, we see different views on social convention, man’s “spiritual” fallacies, and perceptive assumptions made in science and physics. What you get from me is more aphoristic style writing, quips, passages, and maxims in no particular order, wrestling amongst themselves; that ultimately, out of the chaos of established perfunctory truths, their resolve is a unique insight into things.

Available now
is my first published book of my aphorisms:
From The Apex
Find it at Lulu, Amazon, iTunes, and for Nook,
in paperback and eBook formats.

Sample pages are available for previewing.

aphoristic book

Aphorism book by Babak Davodian

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