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Too Much Time?

Not that one has too much time on their hands but only little else to hold.


How does one reason with those who have arrived to their conclusions by any other means than reason?

Bad Things, Good People

“Bad things happen to good people”: the suggestion of earthly emolument in exchange for “moral goodness”.


“Blessing” is God’s condescension.


– from my book, “From the Apex”


A liar berates his trade when he is lied to.

   – From my book: “From the Apex”


Most things we find worth collecting we later do not find worth keeping, perpetually. Our desire outlasts the desired.

Aging & Progress

Progress does not always mean aging, and aging does not always mean progress.

Open Book

Sure, live your life as an open book, but there will still be many who skip through the pages.

Sea of Fools

In a sea of fools, the one who does not fool himself is deemed foolish.

The Suffering Argument

I’ve read numerous times that “suffering exists, therefore there cannot be a God.”

But this is bias.

In truth one can only say, suffering exists, therefore there cannot be an all-benevolent God.

What follows from this?

An re-evaluation and question, “Do we want to believe in this type of ambiguous God?”

And what follows from this?

A waning of  belief in a god; the prospect that “God” exists only as an ideal because of  human-born desires for certain attributes to exist.

What follows from this?

Man created God in his likeness and image.

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